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About Kirkliston…

‘Kirky’ to some, ‘Cheesetown’ to others. Kirkliston is a small town and parish to the west of Edinburgh. With a history spanning parliaments, battle preparations and poetry by Robert Burns, it’s the ideal place to live if you want to feel a part of Scottish heritage.


Kirkliston has a surprising amount of history for a town of its size. In 1235, it was the site of a meeting by the Estates of Scotland, marking the country’s first recorded parliament. Some 63 years later the town saw Edward Longshanks make camp on his way to the Battle of Falkirk, where the English would defeat the Scots, leading to William Wallace resigning as Guardian of Scotland. And in 1787, Robert Burns would inscribe the following verse on a window pane in the local Castle House.

The ants about their clod employ their care,
And think the business of the world is theirs;
Lo: Waxen combs seem palaces to bees.
And mites conceive the world to be a cheese.


Kirkliston Primary School is the classic choice of local residents. Nearly 450 boys and girls attend this Health Promoting School currently working towards Eco School status. With 88% of pupils performing well or very well in reading at p7 and unauthorised absences at just 1%, it’s easy to see why.

Or if you’d prefer a slightly different type of education, Clifton Hall School is an independently administered primary and high school and as such, has no catchment area. Located to the south west of Newbridge and dedicated to keeping its pupil numbers below 400, it has its own selection criteria that prospective pupils will need to meet.

A more typical choice of secondary school is Queensferry Community High School. Located to the north of Kirkliston, this school serves both boys and girls and achieves above average results. Including 60% of school leavers gaining more than five SQA accredited awards at SCQF L5 or better, and 31% at L6 or better.

Local Amenities

Like many towns of this size in the wider Edinburgh area, Kirkliston provides its residents with everything they need for a comfortable daily life. The main streets are home to a Scotmid Cooperative, a Chinese takeaway, a fish takeaway and a salon. There’s also a vet, a dentist, a public library, a nursery and a community church.

And just nine miles away is Edinburgh city centre, where you’ll find all the shops and amenities you could ever need.

It’s worth noting that Kirkliston is just a few miles from Edinburgh Airport, which can be a concern for new residents. For the most up-to-date information, your best bet is to get in touch [Contact page]

Out and About

Because it sits just south of Queensferry, Kirkliston is just a short drive from the Forth Bridge, offering easy road access to Perth, Dundee and all of Fife. Make the short drive and spend as long as you like exploring the area’s winding lanes, open countryside and rugged coastline. Or if you prefer a bit of hustle and bustle, jump on the number 63 Lothian Bus to Edinburgh and wander the cobbled street, poke around the shops or indulge yourself in any of the many bars and restaurants.

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